Converge Midatlantic Partners with Compassion

 Many may not know that Compassion International was founded by a Converge (Baptist General Conference) pastor back in   the 1952.  Pastor Everett Swanson had a huge heart for children living in extreme poverty, and launched a ministry that is   now touching 1.3 million children in 26 countries around the world. 

 One of our own Converge MidAtlantic pastors, Brian Weber (Sozo Communities in Philadelphia), also serves full time in our   region under Compassion.  All of this background led to a recent vision trip to Honduras, February 6-10, involving 16   pastors and leaders from our MidAtlantic region and the MidAmerica region of Converge.  Sandi and I had the privilege of   joining with this team in Honduras, and oh my, did God touch our hearts!

Over the course of the short 5 day trip, we witnessed the hand of God in 3 different Compassion projects in Honduras.  We saw the amazing impact of a Christ centered holistic ministry touching children and families in extreme poverty.  Each Compassion project, linked strategically with a Christ centered church in the community, offers Bible teaching/discipleship training, nutritional meals, health care assistance, pre-natal and post natal training and care for mothers, personal mentoring, and career guidance and training for older teens.   Sponsorships from individuals and churches in the U.S. and in other nations, provide the resources to literally transform the system of poverty in a country like Honduras, all in the name of Jesus.

Sandi and I met a 5 year old girl and her family, whom we will be sponsoring!  Our hearts were filled to overflowing as we interacted with her and her family. What a thrill to discover how we can make a huge difference in her life and future! 

To expand this ministry partnership across our region, Converge MidAtlantic is challenging every member church to consider scheduling a “Compassion Sunday” sometime over the next 12 months!!  To explore some helpful ideas to make this happen in your church, pastors and leaders can click on this link for potential next steps! Please feel free to contact our District office as well!

For more info on Compassion, you can log on to: Http://

We are very grateful to God for the ways He has blessed us.  We’re praying that God will continue to keep our hearts tender and responsive to ‘the least of these’ in places all around our world.


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