The ordination process begins and ends with a leader called by God to the Gospel ministry. It also involves the recognition of this call by the local church where the leader is serving. But the Converge family of churches and church leaders are also involved in advising the church and in serving the ordination candidate. Thus the ordination process is detailed below for Converge churches and leaders:

Steps to Ordination

From the Perspective of the Candidate and Church:

  1. The Formal church vote informs the CMA staff of its desire to ordain a candidate.
  2. The CMA staff sends the handbook on ordination to the candidate and the ordaining church.
  3. The candidate prepares 3 statements (Statement of Personal Conversion, Statement of Call and Doctrinal Statement).
  4. The candidate sends these statements to the Converge MidAtlantic office for review.
  5. The Executive Minister and another pastor meet with the candidate to clarify and make appropriate suggestions for improvement.
  6. Based on the prior meeting, the Executive Minister advises the church to proceed with the scheduling of an Ordination Council.
  7. If the advice is to postpone convening an ordination council, the candidate may reserve another interview during the next scheduled meeting of the Ordination Guidance Committee.
  8. Upon receipt of letter of advice to convene a council, the ordaining church schedules the council and invites delegates from sister churches.
  9. The Council meets, examines the candidate, and recommends that the church proceed or not proceed with ordination.

For more details and to continue with a CMA church in your Ordination process, please print the Handbook to Ordination Procedures below:

CMA Ordination Handbook


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