Congrats to Wellspring Church on their Launch

Wellspring Church, State College, Pennsylvania, officially launched August 27. The collegiate-focused, multigenerational church near the Pennsylvania State University campus currently meets at the South Hills School of Business. It is scheduled to begin meeting in its own facility in October. Calvary Church, another Converge church in State College, helped plant Wellspring, which is already formulating planting plans of its own.

“Years from now, we pray that what started as a trickle will stream throughout the college towns and cities of Pennsylvania and beyond, so that worshipers will be formed in Christ, disciples will be multiplied and church planters will be sent out,” said lead pastor Stephen Lutz. According to Wellspring’s website, Wellspring hopes to plant its first church in another college town in 2020.


  • 20 E. McKinley, Suite 5
  • Poland, OH 44514