New Converge MidAtlantic Executive Minister Called!

Dan Peterson 2017

Praise God for His very clear leading as Converge MidAtlantic pastors and local church leaders enthusiastically affirmed the recommendation from our Board of Overseers to call Rev. Brian Weber as our next District Executive Minister. Through the Town Hall webinars that were held last Wednesday and Thursday, and then through the Response Surveys from member churches across our District, the affirmation from our constituents was overwhelmingly positive! We all sense that God has spoken and His people have responded to the selection of Brian as our next MidAtlantic movement leader.






Town Hall Webinars - Through the webinars, Brian shared his personal and spiritual journey of coming to faith in Jesus Christ, his call to ministry, and his deep heart for the Gospel, for the Church, and for the world. Brian also shared some of the key aspects of his personal vision for Converge MidAtlantic. Pastors and church leaders were able to interact through many excellent questions and comments.  The interaction was very positive!

 Thanks - A special thanks to Daryl Brautigam, our Overseer Board Chairperson, and to our entire Board of Overseers, and Dr. Michael Henderson, Succession Team Chair, for their tireless efforts throughout this entire search and transition process. I want to personally thank our Board and every Pastor and congregation as well, for your graciousness and kindness to Sandi and myself during this time of transition and change. We know the Lord will be directing our steps into the future, and we will forever cherish the relationships we have enjoyed in serving Jesus with you all across the MidAtlantic.

 Warmly in Christ,

 Dan Peterson



Response From Brian!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is a great privilege to accept the position as Executive Minister of Converge MidAtlantic.  When I received the news of the vote on Thursday evening, I was humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response.  This has been a long and prayerful process for me, with lots of time for self-reflection.  I’ve been able to interact with many of you regarding the future of our movement.  I personally connect deeply to the vision of Converge.  Over the years, my life has been enriched by this fellowship of like-minded pastors who represent diverse communities.  I look forward to working alongside each of you to strengthen churches, start new congregations, and advance the gospel of our Lord Jesus throughout the region.

Transition Timetable - My first day will be May 16th.  The Board of Overseers has approved a six month transition plan, where I will be able to work alongside the outgoing Executive Minister, Dan Peterson.  Dr. Peterson will work full-time for two months, and he will reduce his hours to part-time for an additional four months.  I am really grateful to the Overseers for recommending this plan.  Dr. Peterson and I have had a good relationship over the years, and I know there is much to learn about the current operations of the district.  We will work together to make the transition as smooth as possible.  I appreciate your prayers as I conclude my work with Compassion International and begin with Converge.



Brian Weber






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