The Process

At Converge MidAtlantic, we’re here to walk with you and your team every step of the way. We want you, your marriage, your family and your church to be strong, healthy and effective.

We’re actually not here to convince you to become a church planter, we’re here to help you discover if God has wired you to be a church planter. Our Pathway to Planting is a proven 9-step process that guides us as we walk alongside potential church planters, aid them in determining God's call on their lives, and ultimately see their church planting dream become a reality. 


Pathway to Planting

Connect with Converge MidAtlantic Church Planting Recruiting Coordinator, Pastor Jeremy Copeland at

SendPersonal Interview
Time to really get to know each other either by phone, video chat or in person. Together we’ll set a date and time to talk.  

ApplyPersonal Profile
You’ll be asked to fill out a church planter’s profile and provide references. This helps us get a better picture of your church planting potential and background. 

Now is the time to dive in deeper together and to further develop clarity about your church planting vision and how it might fit within the Converge movement.  We'll also talk about expectations and give opportunity for you to ask any other questions of us. Conversations with our Regional Director and others will likely take place at the stage. 

At Converge, we believe that church planter assessment is one key factor to our movement’s church planting success. The four-day experience for planters and their spouses is facilitated by a highly qualified team and is offered at various times and locations throughout the year. 

Depending upon the recommendations of the assessment center, we will talk about next steps and further clarify how we may partner together to plant the church God has placed in your heart. 

Zero in. You’ll prepare a detailed proposal covering your prospective church planting area, target group and any specifics of the church planting project.  

AssessmentFormal Call to Plant
Following the acceptance of your proposal, our Converge MidAtlantic church planting team or an area lead team will issue a formal call as a church planter with our movement.

Upon your acceptance of the call, you’ll be connected with an experienced church planting coach to help you and your team get moving. We’ll also provide several opportunities for you to get specific training in several areas related to leadership and church planting.

AssessmentRaise Support
You and your team will raise both prayer and financial support. Your planting coach and regional team will actively be involved in this important process.

AssessmentPlant a Church
The pre-planting process is complete but the really changing work is just beginning. Our systems provide ongoing coaching and resources to church planters and their teams, even after their new churches are planted. But don’t stop here. Remember, healthy churches plant churches. It is never too early to begin thinking about planting again.


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