Training & Networking

At Converge Midatlantic, we are committed to providing the relationships and the resources you need to build and sustain a healthy church plant.

Training for church planting is an ongoing process. It really begins in the mind and heart of a potential church planter, as one considers and explores the idea of planting a new church. Converge’s training includes the assessment center as a planter and spouse discover much about themselves and about church planting. The learning curve continues as a planter is linked up with a trained church planting coach, and they work together on a plan to plant a new church.

On the job training continues once a new church is launched, as every planter is linked up with a church planting network. Converge also offers church planting conferences and events throughout the year that provide additional training and support.

The central training resource that Converge MidAtlantic offers to church planters is our Launch and Next Steps conferences for planting a missional church. These are typically 3 day events in various locations around the country, which zero in on each of the critical issues for planting a new church. Contact Converge MidAtlantic at (330) 757-7970 to gather more details on upcoming Launch and Next Steps conferences.


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