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“Converge is one of the leading church planting organizations in America.”
- Ed Stetzer, Church Planting Specialist

There’s no question that starting new local churches is the most effective way to bring more people into the community of the Kingdom of God. When a new faith community takes root, it connects the disconnected to God. It meets the needs of the poor. It strengthens marriages and families. It creates new, innovative ways to communicate the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who might never come to a church as they know it.

Our seven-state region consists of strategic population centers that literally influence the entire world. So Converge MidAtlantic is committed to saturating our region with missionally-minded, transformational churches right here, right now.

Church planting is quite possibly the most challenging and most rewarding endeavor that you’ll ever engage in and we are devoted to serving and supporting you in every way possible.

You’ll never be alone.

Here you’ll find the resources and the relationships you need:

             A proven process that results in a 92% success rate.

             Personal coaches who will partner with you every step of the way.

             Training and resources designed to help you build a great church.

             Some of the best people you’ll ever meet.


  • 20 E. McKinley, Suite 3
  • Poland, OH 44514