Capital Campaign Resources

Fulfilling Your Vision Capital Campaign Resources

Converge MidAtlantic’s Fulfilling Your Vision capital campaign resource is designed to help your church fulfill its vision.  Our purpose is to release the ministry potential, which God has already established in and through your church.

Perhaps your immediate needs include building expansion, property purchase, increased staffing, debt reduction, or a desire to increase your missions involvement!  Whatever your needs, and whatever your church's history, style, and emphasis might be, it will provide you with the tools necessary to significantly expand your ministry and your income.

Here are some of the primary biblical principles and assumptions related to this program.

1)    Christians can be regularly challenged to grow in generosity.  This is consistent with the teaching of God's Word.  Churches can be more effective in ministry when people are obedient to God in this area.

2)    Biblical giving and generosity is designed to be primarily a personal choice between a believer and the Lord.  Heavy handed fund raising approaches are non-biblical, and can hinder generous giving to God.  This resource is designed to create a positive climate for giving to God.

3)    This resource will focus on more than money.  It will focus on vision and ministry.  We will seek to: a) help a church to clearly define and communicate its vision; and b) allow people to make a prayerful commitment to help that vision become a reality.  The expanded income is really the direct result of people who are enthusiastic about and committed to your church's vision!

4)    The actual details of the program are completed by a steering team selected by your church leadership.  A trained leader from Converge MidAtlantic will work with your church and leadership to provide all the training and resources necessary to make your program successful.  Complete instructions and job descriptions for each person will be provided.  The tasks to be done are simple and straightforward.

For more information on the Fulfilling Your Vision resource, or to explore an initial face to face conversation with your church’s leadership team, contact Dan Peterson, Converge MidAtlantic Executive Minister at:










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